Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Support for Mustangs

Hello Kathleen,

THANK YOU for forwarding Craig Downer's letter. His fact-based research on
the WH&B issue and the eloquence with which he writes is highly respected
and should seriously be considered in all BLM actions concerning the
management of the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Reading this letter made
my heart ache even more for our wild ones and further sparked the desire
to do more for their survival.

The following are some of the great WH&B publicity opportunities that
occurred at the Wild Burro Rescue booth at World Fest Events last

The event went extremely well in regards to publicity and education
concerning the plight of wild horses and burros. We were interviewed by
the TV program "Animal Planet" and did we ever get the word out on how the
Wild Horse and Burro Program has been mismanaged! We also plugged the
equine welfare bills before Congress so hopefully our interview will be
televised soon.

Katia Louise, the producer/host of a talk radio program for animal
protection ( interviewed us as well. Then
an independent Los Angeles TV station stopped by for another interview.

I spoke to various filmmakers wanting to document the story of the wild horses, and shared with them some of the background materials on the WH&B issues including info on your
organization, two of Cindy MacDonald's in depth reports ("The Use of
Helicopters to Remove Wild Horses and Burros from Public Lands" and "The
Jackson Mountains Wild Horses: A Case Study in the Mismanagement of the
BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Program"), and author Deanne Stillman's article
"They Also Served -So Long Mojave Burros". I also included the House of
Representatives Committee on Natural Resources' July 9, 2008 letter to the
BLM calling for accountability concerning the agency's years of
mismanagement of the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

An ASPCA Animal Cruelty agent stopped by and expressed interest in getting
the ASPCA involved. What really grabbed his attention was equine
photographer Carol Walker's picture of mustangs panicking in a BLM holding
pen that I had enlarged plus a poster of 12 pages from Cindy MacDonald's
reporting "Using Helicopters to Remove Wild Horses and Burros..."

And finally we got a lot of signatures on the Petition to Congress from
the American Herds website and many visitors participated in the Postcards
to Congress Campaign.

Although World Fest Events was not the best venue for donations, it was
great for getting the word out about our wild ones. Our next events will
be the Hollywood Farmers Market where quite a few celebrities frequent and
in July, a fair in Malibu. Now these two events will be much more high
profile in regards to eduction and publicity opportunities.

Thank you again for all of your support.



  1. The battle or should I say war continues as basically the same people remain in charge of the wild horse program though we have a new president of US. Now they are planning on zeroing out 1.4 million acres in Ely BLM District in Eastern Nevada. This must be protested and sued over to be stopped. It is the worst of the worst. We must not throw in the towell. Contact me for more information

  2. This is deplorable. Zeroing out of 1.4 million acres in e. Nevada by Ely BLM!!!

  3. Whecologist, thanks for your support. We will continue to fight, even now the battle heats up with the introduction of H.R. 1018 in February 2009. Keep spreading the word and we will reach a critical mass that must be listened to. I think most American people are just unaware. They think the BLM, charged with care of these beautiful animals, is doing their job...they have no idea! We must make them aware!