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Documents Reveal BLM Secret Plan to Destroy Wild Horses!!

We Must Stop This!!!!!!

BLM gets more money to remove wild horses and burros than they do keeping them on the range even if they are only removed to be killed as stated below.

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Documents Reveal BLM Secret Plan to Destroy Wild Horses

Documents obtained from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) via the Freedom
of Information Act by a Phoenix-based non-profit, The Conquistador Program,
reveal shocking and detailed plans to destroy healthy wild horses in
government holding facilities as well as those still remaining in the wild
on public lands.

BLM employees as well as a USDA veterinarian held weekly “Implementation
Team” meetings beginning in July of 2008 in which they discussed and
developed strategies aimed at ridding BLM of thousands of mustangs. In
October they completed a 68 page document entitled “Alternative Management
Options”. Tactics included in this document are reminiscent of those used to
wipe out Native American tribes in the 1800s.

The BLM team created scenarios for killing mustangs using barbiturates, gun
shots, or captive bolts. Bodies would be disposed of through rendering,
burial or incineration. They discussed killing 1200-2000 wild horses per
year. The document states that “the general public would be prohibited from
viewing euthanasia.” Additionally, the Team felt that “increased support
from public relations and management staff would also be needed to insulate
those doing the actual work from the public, media and Congressional

“Minutes from these meetings as well as the Draft Plan reveal what amounts
to ‘the final solution’ for the American mustang,” states Ginger Kathrens,
filmmaker and Volunteer Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. “Despite
a huge outcry from the American public last year regarding BLM plans to kill
wild horses in holding, the agency is still pressing forward with a plan to
destroy our American mustangs both on and off the range.”

Division Chief of the Wild Horse and Burro Program Don Glenn told The Cloud
Foundation that “no decision has been made to move forward on a large scale
with this plan, yet.”

BLM meeting minutes speak for themselves. “Security at facilities and at
gathers would need to be increased to combat eco-terrorism. Having the
people that are willing to put down healthy horses at gather sites could be
a problem. Having vets putting down healthy horses at preparation
facility[ies] could also be a problem.” Meeting minutes reveal the
psychological toll that employees would pay—“have counseling for employees
and contractors that have to euthanize the healthy horses because it is very

The report created an option in which wild horses of all ages could be sold
“without limitation”. In other words, horses could be sold directly to
killer buyers in unchecked numbers. The Team admitted that “some wild horses
will go to slaughter”.

“Once they are gone, they’re gone” says Karen Sussman, President of the
International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. “To lose
this incomparable species would be a travesty.”

Team Members formulated ways in which they could circumvent the National
Environmental Policy Act, asking “How many (wild horses) could be euthanized
during a gather (roundup) without having NEPA?” BLM discussed ways to
circumvent the federal carcass disposal law (43 CFR 4730.2). Conversations
included how many wild horses could be rendered at the Reno Rendering plant
or “disposed of in pits”. The Team concluded that “there will not be large
numbers of horses euthanized during gathers or in the field. This is due to
state environmental laws.”

Recommendations include the creation of gelding herds, and sterilization of
mares to create non-reproductive herds in the wild in place of natural
herds. The team recommended changing the sex ratio from the normal 50% males
and 50% females to 70% males and 30% females. Then the experimental two-year
infertility drug, PZP-22, would be given to all mares that are returned to
the wild. Plans call for rounding up the wild horses every two years to
re-administer the drug.

“Mares on the drug will cycle monthly and, with the altered sex ratio, the
social chaos will be dangerous and on-going,” Kathrens explains. “Any
semblance of normal wild horse society will be completely destroyed.”

Kathrens has spent 15 years in the wild documenting mustang behavior for her
PBS television documentaries which chronicle the life story of Cloud, the
now famous pale palomino stallion she has filmed since birth. “Even Cloud
and his little herd in Montana are in serious danger if BLM implements these
options,” she continues. “The BLM plans a massive round up in Cloud’s herd
beginning August 30, 2009.”

The BLM will not guarantee that Cloud and his family will remain free.

The BLM documents referred to above and photos of wild horses are available
from The Cloud Foundation.

The Cloud Foundation, Inc.
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