Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good Questions to the BLM District Manager of Ely, Nevada

...Let's hope he has some good answers!!!

In a letter to the BLM District Manager in Ely, Nevada, Kathleen Hayden of Coyote Canyon Caballos d'Anza writes:

"John F. Ruhs, District Manager, Ely District Office, BLM, HC33 Box
33500, Ely, NV 89301-9408

RE:8560(NVL0000) - Notice of
Proposed Action: Elimination of all wild horses from 11 Herd Areas.
attn: John Ruhs

Please enter these comments into the record and questions and respond to the following questions.

Is it true that BLM plans to zero out 11 wild horse herd areas (HAs) from Nevadas Ely district?
Is it true that only 620 wild horses, or one horse per 2,237 acres occupies 11 Herd Areas containing 1,386,992 acres?

What is the percentage of free roaming horses compared to other wild life and livestock?
What is the percentage of impact, past and present, of environmental damage compared to other wild life and livestock. Please define specific damage attributed to free roaming horses compared to other wild life and livestock.

Isn't it true that despite the fact that the ROAM Bill is working its way through Congress, BLM continues its aggressive gathers egregiously circumventing the intent of the 1971 Act?

Isn't it true that all free roaming herds are an integral part of each local geographical heritage landscape and subject to preservation laws? (National Historic Preservation Act Sec 106 review).

Isn't it true that distinct population segments have evolved in geoghraphic areas and are subject to Endangered Species Act mandates for critical habitat called (ACECs areas of critical environmental concern)

Isn't it true that there were deficiencies in the 1971 inventoried herd areas resulting in fatally flawed and politically motivated land management plans that mandate emergency NEPAs,.. prior to moving these herds to extinction as they exist in the wild?

Explain the descrepancies between the free roaming herd AML process and the AUM's for livestock.

Please provide an answer from the AG to the legal question posed is: 1. Are free roaming herds and their Congressionally mandated Herd Areas, a permanent encumbrance (A claim, right, or lien) upon the title to real estate which passes with title.
2. this pre existing covenant may not be extinguished through land manangement plans.

Isn't it true that expanding herd areas would make the cost of maintaining free roaming herds less than the cost of round ups, short and long term holding, and adoptions?

I protest further roundups pending resolution of the issues and state for the record that I believe DOI has violated its fiduciary duty to maintain our historic cultural resource of free roaming herds for the American Public.

Kathleen Hayden
POB 64
Baker, Nevada 89311"

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