Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Southern California Wild Horse Advocacy Group Needs Your Help

Please forward to interested parties and get back to me ASAP.

Who will serve on a committee for the Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd Area (permanent sanctuary) and make a call and visit to local congressional/ Board of Supervisor visit?
Need chair persons and committees.

Passage of ROAM by the House was a huge step in the right direction and was supported by Congressmen Billbray and Issa. Hunter must be convinced now to take steps to establish the Beauty Mt permanent herd area for our Heritage herd, a distinct population segment for which habitat is mandated. Those are the operable key legal words under the Endangered Species Act that gives our elected officials the foundation to proceed.
Intermediate, and immediate options to be considered

Need Volunteers for a committee to meet with
1. the Orange County Scout Managers of Lost Valley. Either pasture lease or project partnership Lost Valley has Coyote Canyon wild horse documented free roaming history and good pasture but not fenced.

2. Mataguay Scout Reservation , either pasture lease or project partnership
The 600 acres at Mataguay is also close enough for easy management. mostly fenced( project manager

3. Vista Irrigation District for Barrel Springs pasture includes intersection at Hyw S2 and S22. Lease should be minimal, fence repairs needed, can get grant.
Previously VID managed the Barrel Springs pasture for cattle. Since the last burn the pasture is in real good shape and close enough to manage with supplemental hay in the winter. I attended a VID Board Meeting several months ago and the board mentioned this as a possibility. Need committee for follow up. Contact, Board Chair Paul Dorey.

4. San Diego Board of Supervisors ...request Board to make Declaration of Coyote Canyon Heritage Herd. Would probably help to have a committee member rep for each district. Petitions have been submitted for this purpose.

5. Congressionals Hunter, Issa, and Bilbray to proceed with Beauty Mt. I am assured by BLM last week that this is doable.

Please distribute to all contacts to see who is willing to take a committee chair for CCCDA and organize a committee for each of the objectives as outlined.

Kathleen Hayden
Coyote Canyon Caballos d'Anza

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