Thursday, September 3, 2009

BLM Steals the Last Wild Horse Herd from Montana!!

MSNBC reports on the removal of the last herd of wild horses, the Pryor Mountain Herd of which Cloud is a member, in Montana.

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  1. The BLM is funding this with our tax dollars--lot's of dollars. These wild horses are a National Treasure who need to be represented in the media.

    Natural selection reduces the herd. No need for BLM to separate wild mare and day old foal, destroy hierarchy and leaders of the herd, traumatize the herd by inhumane roundup and horrible holding pens, and more.

    The previously federally-indicted contractor makes big bucks again. Follow the money. Call the media & your senators.

    Will a % of wild horses end up at slaughter after the roundup like before?

    Why doesn't BLM understand the importance of a diverse gene pool and a herd size of 190 for the herd to endure?

    Why are they targeting Cloud's herd? Part 3 of his documentary airs on PBS in October!

    Even though the roundup started Thursday Sept 3rd it lasts for 10 days total and we CAN make a difference-Call the Media ! Call government ! And call your friends to get them going with this : )