Sunday, November 8, 2009

BLM Always follows the Money - to Hell with the Horses!

In an " emergency" gather 325 horses were removed and four semi loads of sheep were unloaded on the Sulpher Range last Nov.. The allotments are not separated by fencing. BLM say they are finally down to AML with less than 200 horses remaining on 225,000 wild horse herd area. Last we heard, the water was still turned off at the solar panels. Somewhere in my cybespace are the pics I took.

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Hundreds of sheep brought in after wild horses removed: a supporter contacted us to report that, after 200 horses were removed in December from the Dry Lake Complex in Nevada, he was shocked to see about 1,000 sheep trucked in to that very area, less than two weeks after the round-up. Questioned on the issue, BLM confirmed that the area includes a grazing allotment for 2,200 private sheep, whereas for horses the “appropriate management level” is set at only 128 head, or one horse per 5,500 acres! What BLM failed to address is why substantially more forage is consistently allocated to private livestock on the very areas that should be “devoted principally” to wild horses under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act.

The Science Behind Wild Horse Roundups
2007, KTVN
Rounding up wild horses carries inherent risks for the animals, so presumably, there should be a good reason for capturing them. In early September, a BLM roundup captured 900 horses in Nevada's Jackson Mountain Wilderness Area, supposedly because there wasn't enough forage to support them. When the horses got to the Palomino Valley holding facility, they started dying because of the feed they received. What bothers wild horse advocates the most is that while the BLM felt there was only room for 200 or fewer horses in the 280,000 acre Jackson Range, they said it was still okay to have 8,000 cattle and sheep grazing in the same area.

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