Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mustangs and Trail Riding....Good Combination

Mustang Heritage Foundation and the American Competitive Trail Horse Association create mutual support and sponsorship…

“That’s about the only way I can describe what we’ve done” states Tom Scrima of ACTHA. “The Mustang Heritage Foundation and ACTHA have created a relationship that promotes both organizations while increasing Competitive Trail Ride Challenges (CTC’s) and fundraising opportunities for Mustang trainers.

“The mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation is to increase adoption of wild horses” states Patti Colbert, Executive director of the MHF. “ACTHA is focused on providing support for the abandoned and unwanted horses. With the Foundation and ACTHA working together, we can positively impact the lives of horses in so many ways.”

Together the way it works is MHF has hundreds of their trainers all across the USA. MHF will give them the opportunity to become ACTHA ride hosts, or as ACTHA calls their local ride managers AFFILIATES. An affiliate holds ACTHA’s Competitive Trail Challenges, CTC’s©, all over the nation. Hundreds of rides happen every year from coast to coast giving wonderful prizes and recognition to the riders on America’s great unsung hero’s…The Great American Trail Horse. Riders can ride unique trails for pleasure or to be judged on various natural skill challenges along the way. Affiliates earn money at each of these local events, sometimes as much as $4,000. But there’s a lot of work and expertise that goes into the effort!

The rides are a one day affair and allow participants to ride locally and often on private lands not normally accessible to them. Sponsors lavish prizes and awards to these representatives of the largest sector of the horse industry….the trail rider!

“ACTHA donates up to 50% of its proceeds to horse charities…what better charity than the MHF!?” states Karen VanGetson, co-founder of ACTHA. The MHF is one of our favorite charities and we want to do more for them. Getting their trainers involved is a natural for us. To begin with we’re dealing with accomplished horse trainers who have knowledge of what it’s all about. These are dedicated professionals, many working a day job to support their passion, horses! What a great way for them to earn extra money while training that next winner of a MUSTANG MAKEOVER! They can use the money for their training expenses or for any cause they wish.”

ACTHA takes the modest fees they charge to bring the whole thing together and donates like mad to charities and non-profits. “Indeed in our first year of going national we and our wonderful affiliates raised over $100,000 for worthwhile rescues and non-profits!” states Carrie Scrima ACTHA’s other co-founder. “We plan to ear mark a substantial percentage of the funds received from the MHF trainer’s rides and give it to the MHF to carry on their wonderful work”.

“Not JUST a trail horse anymore!” is ACTHA’s motto…who ever thought this unsung hero would be raising big bucks for their less fortunate brothers and sisters who find themselves in a really bad situation?

“ Between the MHF and ACTHA we are fighting horse hunger and neglect one horse at a time and we won’t stop until every horse makes its way through this world humanely…PERIOD” states Patti Colbert and Tom Scrima… “Our work has just begun but we are confident it’s the beginning of the end of suffering for all unwanted horses. Millions of dollars as well as assistance to the major organizations trying to lobby and help those brave souls taking in horses for rehabiliatation will be donated by our two organizations, of that we are very confident.”

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