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An Editorial - Simple as That.......


The BLM, Ken Salazar & Wild Horses

An Editorial


By Robert A. WINKLER
The Desert Independent

April 6, 2010

We have taken an interest in the Wild Horse issue. This symbol of the west where we live, work, raise our children and sometimes try to remember a time when fences, freeways and politics didn't rule the land.

Unfortunately money has always spoken louder than good sense. Some would say good horse sense. And in this case it is the horses who have been knocked senseless by Department of Interior head, Ken Salazar and his Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

If you have been reading our articles (See the accompanying article and check out our Archives.), you know the detail of the horrors the BLM has inflicted on this noble animal. You also know that this has been done at great expense to the American taxpayer. Why? Follow the money as they say. There is only so much land. The horses are competing with moneyed cattle ranchers. It doesn't take a degree from an Ivy League University to figure out who is going to win out on that range.

Oh yes, the BLM has come up with lots of reason the horses have to go. They all dry up in the desert wind, like made up stories by a child trying to get out of doing something wrong.

Simple as that.

Simple as that.

We at The Desert Independent therefore say to the BLM, shame on you.

You have not discharged your duty to your country.

You have not discharged your duty to its citizens.

You have not discharged your duty most importantly to the now helpless horses in your charge.

Ken Salazar, you and the BLM have hidden yourselves away from the light of the public eye. And, apparently for good reason. What you have done and not done. What you are doing would never withstand public scrutiny.

You must ask yourselves, who works in the dark?

The answer is clear.

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