Monday, January 3, 2011

CNN to run Mustang Series

CNN - Wild horse roundup triggers controversy
"Happy New Year to all you mustang supporters.

CNN is running this series so hope you can catch it. One of the key issues is management of the wild horse. BLM says there are too many herd area and not enough employees to manage the herds. However what they don't say is that they refuse to allow dedicated groups of horsemen with the knowledge and a lifetime of expertise to volunteer their help in a management program. By culling the herds down to a few horse, genetic viability is compromised and the older horses so necessary to teaching the younger horses survival are removed. The wild horses that have run free for so many decades will become extinct. All that will be left are the ones in private sanctuaries unless those of us who are fighting the war to save them turn around government policy within the BLM.

And, to bring you up to date, our group of rescued Colonial Spanish Mustangs continues to thrive. The babies that were born here in Borrego are as big as their mothers and all are healthy and beautiful. We continue to search for land for a sanctuary where they will be protected and managed with programs set up so that the public can enjoy and view these living examples of history running free.

Blessing to you all


CNN - Wild horse roundup triggers controversy

Supposed to be continued tomorrow as another segment.

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