Friday, April 17, 2009

Ad For Mustang Gentling Contest Found in Facebook Side Bar!

Mustang Gentling Contest, or, as the ad puts it, "Extreme Mustang Makeover". These contests, held all over the country, are sponsored by The Mustang Heritage Foundations whose stated mission is to increase the adoption of mustangs to good homes.

The goal of the "Extreme Mustang Makeover" event is to promote adoption through show casing Mustangs' value and trainability through competition.

I have a feeling all are out to make a fast buck on OUR Mustangs!! Why do mustangs have to have an event to show case their "value"?? and trainability through competition??!! Mustangs are supposed to be wild horses!!

As Sioux elder Lame Deer once said to the white man: "...for bringing us the horse, we could almost forgive you for bringing us whiskey. Horses make a landscape look more beautiful." Is that not enough value? It scares me to think some cowboy thinks he can make a quick buck by breaking the spirit of our mustangs!

Ok, that off my now know that I believe mustangs belong back in the wild...however, it is good to see a nonprofit organization trying to do something about the mustangs the BLM has rounded up (often illegally and out of the public's eye) and kept in holding pens for years!!!

It was also interesting to see this ad in the Facebook margin!

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