Friday, March 19, 2010

American Herds Alert - US Forest Service

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Hi! I spoke to Cindy last night and she is trying to work on an article but asked me to pass along some preliminary info. I was furiously taking notes and hope I got everything….

The US Forest Service is going to be issuing an EA and EIS for 11 territories. The announcement was made on February 24 but they are not allowing the 30 day comment period contrary to federal register protocol. Her understanding is they are going to issue their decision WITH the EA. Not only that but they are doing the EA before they complete the EIS for livestock grazing. Comments on the EIS are due by March 22.

In addition, their AMLs must be in line with BLM AMLs. Apparently, the BLM has issues because the horses are intermingled and because in the winter, the wild horses are on Forest Service land in the mountains and then come down to BLM land in the summer. They don’t want the AMLs set for only the mountain areas because they’ll ruin the ranges – same ol’, same ol’.

She also mentioned that they are using old maps. Really old maps. Several of the herd areas no longer exist or have been renamed so you know the numbers are going to be inflated.

Of most concern is that the management plan will remove public access during round-ups.

Here’s a link with some information on the EIS

Stay tuned for more info from Cindy. If anyone has additional info I can pass along, send it my way.



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