Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vote NOW to Stop BLM Round-ups of Wild Horses

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STOP cruel BLM round ups of WILD HORSES

The BLM is managing wild horses and burros to extinction. They were designated as part of our American Heritage in the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act . In front of our nation's capital are statues commemorating their role in building our nation.The BLM/DOI is wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars on programs that have clearly failed. They have denied the American people the transparentcy in the round ups that was promised. The BLM is CURRENTLY conducting cruel and inhumane winter round ups. Last week the helicopters chased a colt over volcanic areas, wearing his feet down to nothing. Then transported it for 4 hrs. until they put him out of his misery. It has become the BLM's 'dirty secret'. THE BLM NEEDS A CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION. THE ROUND UPS NEED TO STOP IMMEDIATELY. Thank you for all that have taken a moment to vote, PLEASE pass this along to all advocates...this is a voice for those who are counting on us.

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