Thursday, March 4, 2010

Share a Ride from CO to D.C. for the Wild Horse Protest

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From: Carla Bowers
To: Anni Williams ; Kathleen Hayden ; Katia Louise ; Linda Lee ; Morgan Griffith ; Virginie Parant ; Jill Starr ; Neda DeMayo ; Arlene Gawne ; Cindy MacDonald ; Carrol Abel ; Garnet Pasquale
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2010 9:18 PM
Subject: Marilyn Wargo needs 3 riders to share driving to March forMustangs in DC

Hi, LA & Vegas advocates – I wanted to send you Mar’s contact info in the hopes that some of you may be interested in driving out to meet her in Pagosa Springs, CO, & then drive together to DC. That’s a haul, for sure! Or, if you know of other advocates who want to go but can’t spring for the flight, could you please forward this email to them. We need hundreds of folks to show up at this event to show Congress, et al, that we mean business on behalf of our wild herds. Below is a note from Mar with a few more details:

“I am willing to drive but I have no money. I have places to stay over in the Midwest and in the DC area which would save money. I have posted at Cloud Blog and the Ride Share site... there are only two of us from opposite sides of the country so far. I can seat 3, in xtra cab of pickup with bed in camper for resting driver.”

Please be in touch with Mar as soon as possible if this is an option. Here is her contact info:

Marilyn Wargo
449 Echo Crk Dr
Pagosa Sprgs CO 81147
Phone: (970) 418-1110

For the wild ones, Carla B

P.S. If you know others in Colorado who might want to go with Mar, please connect them together. Thx.

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